For Buyers

Buying a Home

First, you need to chose your Buyer’s Agent, your REALTOR, that has your interest in mind only. As your Buyer’s Agent, I have the fiduciary duty to serve YOU, having only YOUR interest in mind.

That means that I will go above and beyond to get you the information needed so you can make an educated decision (see my testimonials pulled from my LinkedIn profile).

I will help you to establish your buying power, which is determined by each bank differently and not easy to understand. Our office is working with a large variety of lenders to ensure that you qualify.

I personally will be with you starting with the search, through the negotiations, home inspection, bank appraisal, walk-through and closing. I will personally ensure that this process is as painless and easy as possible. I promise!

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Why Buyers should act NOW

1. Slowly climbing prices. The fact home prices are slowly climbing is unfortunate for buyers and for sellers it presents a great opportunity. But the longer buyers will wait the more expensive the house of their dreams will be.

2. Still attractive rates. Mortgage rates have broken the 4% sound barrier … and that will not be the end. Each 1% increase in interest rates translates into a 9% decrease in purchasing power. Since purchasing power is calculated based on the monthly mortgage cost, these costs will rise by 9% with every 1%-point of rate increase. These increased mortgage cost smart buyers want to avoid in the future.

3. Low Inventories. Today, buyers are facing very low inventories. This can be frustrating since the combination of low inventories and climbing prices results in many multiple offers. Houses priced right sell fast(er) in this market. Buyers need to make a decision fast in this market.

4. Negotiating leverage. Buyers that act fast are able to negotiate better. 

For that reason, I always like to get started with a buyer early. That gives the buyer time to understand the market and it gives me time to understand the needs a buyer has. During that process, I often introduce our office mortgage contacts, who often think outside the box to get the buyer what they need at the time they need it.

To get started, call me at 201-310-1260 to discuss your goal since every move is different.