Choosing A Style

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Choosing a style or eliminating styles that do not work for you is important. It may take a few visits to a variety of homes to get a sense of what best suits your needs. Often our clients start out with one style in mind and then evolve as we go through the process. We alway like to get involved early in the home search, so we can zero in on your style together. 

If we start that process too late, we may loose out on some great houses because we did not realize which home features are most attractive to you.

Northern New Jersey boasts a variety of home styles and lay-outs with something for everyone. In our area, the most common styles are Colonial, Split-Level, Bi-Level, Cape Cod, Ranch, Tudor and Victorian.

You may not know which home is right for you until we visit some houses and we can point out the different pros and cons of them. Getting started working together at the outset of your search will give us enough time to make educated decisions.

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