Glen Rock

Often described as a community-minded, youth-oriented town. Glen Rock is a friendly place with much of the traditional remaining in the beautiful homes and in the spirit of its people.The large town swimming pool, acres of recreational facilities, many tennis courts, and an ice skating pond, all offer residents virtually year round pleasurable activity.Four elementary schools, a parochial school, and the junior/senior high school provide students with an outstanding educational system. Each year, Glen Rock hosts a full day of activities for the Fourth of July. Parades, floats, marching bands, and picnics comprise an eagerly awaited and widely publicized annual event. The centrally located shopping district offers an extensive variety of convenience and specialty stores within easy walking distance of most homes. There are over 45 special and civic organizations actively supported by the townspeople. In addition, Glen Rock has an excellent free public library. Less than an hour by train or bus to mid-town Manhattan, Glen Rock residents take advantage of comfortable and quick commuting.

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